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We present the history that we have created with everyone since its inception in 1875.

1875 (Meiji 8), Feb. Launched medicinal species commercially in Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka City, as an Torakichi Yasuda shop.
1923(Taisho 12), Feb. Transfer to industrial chemicals as Goichiro Yasuda Shop.
In the same year, we began handling copper sulfate as agent of Sumitomo Metal Mine Co., Ltd.
1947(Showa 22), Jul. Reorganized as stock company with capital of JPY195 thousand.
1951(Showa 26), Nov. Started production of copper sulfate and palladium chloride established by Hakko Chemical Co., Ltd.
1952(Showa 27), Feb. Opened a Tokyo branch.
1957(Showa 32), Feb. Opened a branch office in Nagoya (now Nagoya Branch Office)
1958 (Showa 33), Jan. Opened an office in Fukuoka (now Kyushu Branch)
1964(Showa 39), Apr. Begin handling of catalytic products as agent of N.E. Chemcat Corp.
1968(Showa 43), Jan. Established the Hofu Plant of Hakko Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
1970(Showa 45), May Isolate Hakko Chemical Co., Ltd.
1972(Showa 47), Jan. Yoshio Yasuda, appointed as Representative Director
1975(Showa 50), Jan. Be capitalized at JPY24 million (fully paid in)
1977(Showa 52), Dec. Katsuhiko Yasuda, appointed as Representative Director
1989(Heisei 1), Jan. Completed new head office
2003(Hiesei 15), Apr. Establishment of Fukuyama business office (closed in 2011)
2005(Heisei 17), Oct. ISO14001 Certification
2020(Reiwa 2), Feb. Hironobu Yasuda, appointed as Representative Director
2020(Reiwa 2), Sep. ISO9001 Certification