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Currently in the 21st century, modern societies that utilize chemistry and technology are in need of major consciousness reforms.
Although a variety of materials and devices, including life essential items that form the basis of a rich social life, are supported by technology, there were also aspects that threatened the global environment, which is our foundation.
Environmental responses are one of the biggest topics as a company to maintain affluence while maintaining a persistent society.

We wish to provide support from the chemical point of view for environmental measures and considerations in development and manufacturing that support manufacturers and users.
This is the greatest theme and vision for a trading company and Yasuda Chemicals Co., Ltd. specializing in chemicals.
Since its inception in 1875, the company has made significant efforts in the areas of purification catalysis and recycling as it progressed and responded to changes.
With a global perspective, to analyze the needs of society at all times, and to deliver products that are required to our clients in the best condition, we will continue our efforts to further enhance marketing, management, and services, with the motivation of the environment, safety, confidence, and agility and turning, and to help our social environment continue to be rich in the next generation under the spirit of unbent spirit and social service.

President and Representative Director Hironobu Yasuda

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